Signature d’un contrat de partenariat avec l’éditeur de logiciels ORDIGES France

Signing a partnership agreement with ORDIGES France

In a strategic move aimed at expanding its footprint within the African and Tunisian markets, leading procurement and public procurement software publisher, ORDIGES, has selected ADDINN Group as its esteemed partner and strategic distributor. This collaboration is set to facilitate the sales and implementation of ORDIGES’ cutting-edge Spend Management solutions across French-speaking African nations.

With a remarkable track record spanning over four decades, ORDIGES has carved a successful path in Europe, empowering clients to embrace digital transformation and surmount their performance-related hurdles. Boasting a roster of more than 180 contented clients, ORDIGES France boasts the expertise of approximately 90 adept European professionals and consultants, all dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

The joint distribution and integration agreement between ADDINN Group and ORDIGES is chiefly focused on the promotion and deployment of the Oflex solution. Tailored to address public procurement and negotiated procedures with a value under 40,000 euros excluding taxes, OfLex streamlines various processes. It empowers you to efficiently manage purchase requests, assess offers, engage in price negotiations, make supplier selections, and formalize contracts—all with a seamless, digitally-enabled, and highly secure approach.

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