Signature d’un contrat de partenariat avec la Fédération Tunisienne des Sociétés d’Assurances

ADDINN Group signs with the Tunisian Federation of Insurance Companies (FTUSA)

A new Embarking on a New Collaboration in 2023!


In response to the high number of road accidents in Tunisia, the Tunisian Federation of Insurance Companies (FTUSA) has initiated a new project to explore the digitalization of data exchange processes between insurance companies.

The consortium ADDINN Tunisia (Frontrunner) x ADn Solutions x RFC – led by ADDINN Tunisia – has been selected for the development and deployment of a digital platform for managing inter-company claims for material automobile accidents (IDA/HIDA convention). This large-scale project, scheduled for completion in early 2024, aims to:

  • – Significantly reduce fraud through quick and proactive identification of fraudulent claims.
  • – Reduce financial losses associated with poor claims management.
  • – Ensure better operational efficiency by reducing error rates.
  • – Optimize the customer experience by providing better response to new expectations and evolving demands of policyholders (e.g., claim processing time).

To successfully execute this project, ADDINN Tunisia has partnered with ADn Solutions, a French expert in the insurance industry; RFC, a specialist in Microsoft Cloud technologies; and Accompany Consulting, responsible for project management (MOA).

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to FTUSA and all Tunisian insurance companies for placing their unwavering confidence in our capabilities. Together, we’re propelling the future of insurance through innovation and collaboration.

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